Mapping Community: Public Investment in NYC on view at Center for Architecture




How do public buildings like schools, firehouses, and libraries end up in your community, and who had a say in how they got there?

Mapping Community demystifies the complex process of capital planning in New York City by explaining the rules that govern the capital process for our city, the various city agencies that implement projects, and the ways everyday New Yorkers have a say in what types of investment they would like to see in their neighborhoods.

The exhibition will also look at how public projects are accomplished at the local community level by illustrating five types of public infrastructure—housing, transit, parks, schools, and libraries—in five community boards.

How to create and maintain a community is a complicated issue, with as many suggestions as there are people who wish to live there. The exhibition documented various types of participatory budget projects funded from 2012-2018, asking residents to vote on how they would spend $36,618,553.

The nearly 100,000 residents from age 11 on up, suggested 124 projects across New York City, spending that $36,618,553. The results of the vote were interesting.

Arts, Culture and Community won by far, with 9% of the money. Park and Recreation came in at 8.2%, while Transit ended up with 6.7%.

Housing was voted in at 6%, Public Safety at 5.2%; our Streets received 2.2% of the vote; Environment, 1.8% and our Youth ~ 1.5%.

The exhibition walks viewers through Participatory Budgeting and shows how it builds stronger relationships between representatives and residents.

Exploring all five boroughs, the exhibition describes the importance of local Community Board’s, a true local governance mechanism, encouraging all to get involved.

Curators of this exhibition are: Faith Rose, AIA, Principal, O’Neill Rose Architects, former Executive Director, NYC Public Design Commission; and David Burney, FAIA, Professor of Urban Placemaking Management at Pratt Institute, former Commissioner, NYC Department of Design and Construction
Assistant Curator: Valerie Stahl, PhD Candidate, Columbia GSAPP
Graphic Design: Partner & Partners
Mapping Research and Visualization: Molly Greenberg, Max Gottlieb, and Ahmad Shaibani (Pratt Institute); Danbi Lee and Mingshi Yu (Arup); Santi Slade.

Cycle 9 of Participatory Budgeting in New York City (PBNYC) is now underway.

This year, 33 Council Members are asking residents how to spend at least $35 million in capital funding. Between August and October, you can propose ideas that would improve schools, parks, libraries, public housing, and other public spaces in your community.

Submit your ideas via our online, digital map here. Let the participation begin!

Once you submit an idea, find out how to get involved by visiting our volunteer section and reviewing previously funded projects!

Mapping Community: Public Investment in NYC will be on view through August 31, 2019. Center for Architecture is located at 536 LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village.

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