Mel Chin is ‘All Over The Place’ ~ Today in Times Square with ‘Wake’ + ‘Unmoored’



mel chin
Mel Chin in Times Square for Queens Museum and No Longer Empty in ‘All Over The Place’

As part of the summer installation, All Over The Place, presented by the Queens Museum and No Longer Empty, Mel Chin unveils Wake and Unmoored in Times Square this month.

Mel Chin times Square

Imagine New York underwater ~ this is the digital and physical experience presented by the artist Mel Chin in his installation entitled Unmoored ~ exploring a potential future where global warming has gone unchecked.  It is an installation based on projections by climate scientists in the form of a free, mixed-reality app developed in collaboration with Microsoft.

Mel Chin Walke & Unmoored

Wake is a 24-foot tall installation that evokes the hull of a shipwreck crossed with the skeletal remains of a marine mammal. The structure is linked with a carved 21-foot tall animatronic female sculpture, accurately derived from a figurehead of the opera star Jenny Lind, that was once mounted on the 19th Century clipper ship, the USS Nightingale.

mel chin times square

The exhibition, All Over The Place, presented by the Queens Museum and No Longer Empty spans the nearly four-decade artistic life of the artist Mel Chin, and will spread out over a number of sites throughout New York City.

mel chin

Times Square Arts is presenting two of the installations, now on view ~ Wake and Unmoored, from July 11 to September 5, 2018.

Queens Museum & No Longer Empty

Wake and Unmoored can be found near 45th Street and Seventh Avenue/Broadway intersection in Times Square.