Misha Kahn: Midden Heap at Friedman Benda Gallery



Misha Kahn: Midden Heap is a fantastical recreation and reassemble of the artist’s finds while scavenging the trash mounds in Dead Horse Bay, the Rockaway.

Kahn’s vision of the trash as a shoreline, was to imagine and recreate it as “the ocean’s natural way of forming or reshaping everything it touches.”  Kahn went on to say, “Each piece is part of a landscape I imagine as the earth gets swallowed by the sea. No single object has any specific meaning. It’s all part of a feeling.”

Below are a few photos taken at the exhibit, Misha Kahn: Midden Heap – Friedman Benda Gallery in Chelsea.










Misha Kahn: Midden Heap will be on view to December 16, 2017 at Friedman Benda Gallery, 515 West 26th Street.