Model Sailboat Racing is Back at Conservatory Water in Central Park




Conservatory Water in Central Park

Conservatory Water Sailboat Racing is a unique way for urbanites, young and old, to enjoy the sport without leaving the mainland. This picturesque spot in Central Park, originally intended to be a small pool for a glass house and a formal, ornamental flower garden, morphed into a miniature yachting experience after its original intent proved to be too costly to keep up.

Founded in 1916, the Central Park Model Yacht Club is one of the oldest model yacht clubs in the country, with a rich history that continues today.

All boats are wind-powered (powered boats are not allowed) and remote-controlled using the trim of the sail and the direction of the rudder. You can see all types of masterpieces built by model boat enthusiasts. Carved wooden boats are some of the most eye-catching on display. Sailboats are stored or rented at Kerbs Boathouse.

The Central Park Model Yacht Club (CPMYC) races are held on Saturdays between 10:00am and 1:00pm. Boat rentals are available through the nonprofit company, Rocking the Boat. Model sailboat rental are $15 for 30 minutes.

Conservatory Water is located just off Fifth Avenue at 74th Street in Central Park, bordered by the sculptures ‘Alice in Wonderland’  to the north and ‘Hans Christian Anderson’. Sailboat rentals and races take place April to November. Children under 12 must be supervised.

Hans Christian Anderson reading from his book ‘The Ugly Duckling’  sculpted by Georg John Lober erected in 1956 to commemorate the author’s 150th birthday.

No need to leave the pond for a snack. Cafe’ Le Pain Ouotidien is on site at Kerbs Boathouse.

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