Morningside Lights: The Secret Gardens



All images via, 2016   Event-September 16-23, 2017

Morningside Lights: The Secret Gardens will kick-off on September 16, 2017, with the week-long preparation and creation of the colorful and magical sculptures that will parade through Morningside Park on September 23rd.

All are invited to participate in creating the lanterns, which are inspired by Harlem’s “horticultural gems and the resourceful visionaries that tend them. This year’s Morningside Lights celebrates the neighborhood’s deep tradition of civic activism that blossoms in the gardens carefully cultivated in its many reclaimed spaces.” This year’s theme will evoking Harlem’s bountiful urban farms, fields of wildflowers, and our plethora of communal free spaces.



The public lantern building sessions will be once again led by artists, Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles of Professional Arts Workshop (PAW).  By week’s end, a fleet of more than 100 illuminated objects will be created. All are welcome to Sign Up to participate in the workshops, including families with children.  Below are a few photos of The Procession, and The Workshops leading up to this annual Morningside Park Event.





Morningside Lights will hold a number of Workshop Sessions, leading up to The Procession. Check the schedule for times and days that work for you.







“Morningside Lights concept and direction by Professional Arts Workshop, Co-produced by the Arts Initiative and Miller Theatre at Columbia University.”

Map of the route taken in 2016