Morpho’s Nest in the Cadmium House on Park Avenue



Looking North on Park Avenue at 52nd Street

The Fund for Park Avenue unveiled its new installation, entitled Morpho’s Nest in the Cadmium House by Spanish artist Lluis Lleo‘. The five canvas-like blocks of painted sandstone span the blocks between 52nd Street and 56th Street, along Park Avenue. Painted on the front and back, below are photos of some of the installation.

On the opposite side, looking South on Park Avenue at 52nd Street

Top image, looking North on 53rd Street; Bottom image, looking South.

The Lever House, which can be seen in the background currently has on view the exhibit ‘Concrete Jungle Jungle Love’ by artist Katherine Bernhardt.

Top image looking North on 54th Street; Bottom image, looking South

Morpho’s Nest in The Cadmium House will be on view to July 31, 2017, with a parallel exhibition at Instituto Cervantes of New York, 211 East 49th Street, from May 5-9. Exhibiting opening reception includes site visit on May 5, 5:30 at 53rd Street and Park Avenue, and 7 pm at Instituto Cervantes New York.