New York State Regional Monitoring Dashboard Online + The Winning Ad



Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced an online Early Warning Dashboard to monitor virus containment. The dashboard allows New Yorkers to see for themselves all of the state’s data tracking new infections and their severity, hospital capacity by region and other metrics. The early warning system dashboard was developed in consultation with internationally-known experts who have been advising New York State.

The metrics have been established based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, the U.S. Department of State, and other public health experts. The metrics will be considered both individually and in their totality to assess whether regions can safely move through the four phases of reopening, or whether additional policy measures to contain the virus are required. The investigation of new cases, clusters, and contacts will provide substantial information on the drivers of transmission, which will in turn guide these policy decisions.

The link is always one-day behind, and is updated late in the day ~ so it appears to be two-days behind.

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health launched a free online course to train contact tracers.┬áThis course is part of New York’s large-scale effort to build an army of contact tracers. If you are interested in becoming part of New York’s contract tracing efforts, learn more here.

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