New Yorkers Celebrate Beloved Pets on a Memorial Tree in Central Park




Central Park Memorial Pet Tree

Hidden deep within Central Park, in a secluded place, stands a perfectly situated tree, dressed up for the Holiday’s every year ~ the ornaments all dedicated to beloved pets who have passed on ~ but as we see each year, are never forgotten.

Walk with us as we hit the less-traveled paths in search of the Memorial Pet Tree in Central Park from years past.

Memorial Pet Tree in Central Park

We first came upon this tree several years ago, after reading a short article on its existence. It took a lot of foot-work and several attempts before we finally found it.  And it was with great delight that we finally spied a group of people, dog’s on leaches, gathered around a tree, chatting quietly, and hanging ornaments. This was it ~ the secret Holiday Memorial Tree to Pets.

Closeup of a handmade ornament

The ornaments, all shapes and sizes, were lovingly put together with photos of departed pets, laminated and hung with ribbons, with an occasional pet toy hanging by a hook. All kinds of pets were included.

Memorial Pet Tree in Central Park

We don’t know how long this tradition has existed, but each year by mid-December, the tree is filled.

The location of the Memorial Tree to Pets is a secret we honor, known only to those who meet to share an ornament and a memory.