NYC Parks offers Proactive Tips for Reporting Fallen or Damaged Trees



In response to the National Weather Service’s announcement that New York City is at an enhanced risk of severe weather—high winds, thunder and lightning—this evening, NYC Parks recommends New Yorkers exercise caution as the expected 25 – 30 mph winds can impact street and park trees. 

As the steward of the City’s trees, Parks reminds all that it is important to report tree failures through official channels:

When reporting tree damage, please make sure to include the location and a description of the size of the tree or branch. In addition, please include the following details:

  • Is there a street address or cross street available?

  • Is the fallen tree blocking a road? Fully or partially?

  • Has it fallen on or is it touching utility wires?

  • Has it fallen onto a house or other building? Is the building damaged?

  • Has it fallen onto a car or other vehicle?

  • Is the tree split, either vertically or horizontally, but still standing? Is the tree uprooted or leaning noticeably?

  • Is tree debris blocking a sidewalk? Fully or partially?

The Reservouir

Parks will deploy staff towards cleanup efforts beginning 6 a.m. on Friday, July 9. Impassable streets, trees on houses, commuter areas and park perimeters will be prioritized in that order.