NYC Parks Could Eliminate Young Adult Membership Fees at Rec Centers!



Central Park

The NYC Parks Department announced the beginning of a public comment period for the proposed amendment to § 2-13 and § 2-14 of Chapter 2, Title 56 of the Rules of the City of New York, regarding Permits and Fee Schedules as it relates to young adults at NYC Parks recreation centers across the city and the Ocean Breeze Park Track & Field Athletic Complex. 

Public comment period for proposed rule change begins January 14, 2021 and will run through February 22, 2021. Make your voice heard.

Beginning today, New Yorkers will have the opportunity to submit comments on the proposed rule change through February 22, 2021. This public comment period will be held in lieu of a public hearing, pursuant to New York City Charter section 1043(e).

The current cost for young adult memberships at City Recreation Centers is $25. Under the proposed rule change, young adult memberships will be free when this rule goes into effect. Currently, our recreation centers remain closed to the public during this critical time as they continue to serve New Yorkers in providing COVID testing and free Department of Education childcare for blended learning.

The purpose of this proposed rule change is to:

  • Provide all of New York City’s youth with greater access to recreational opportunities and healthy exertion.
  • Promote increased social engagement and community interaction among the city’s youth.
  • Increase access to safe spaces for young adults throughout the five boroughs.
Summertime in Marcus Garvey Park, East Harlem

Anyone can comment on the proposed rule change by:

  • Website: Comments can be submitted to the Department of Parks and Recreation through the NYC rules website at
  • Email: Written comments can be emailed to
  • Mail: Comments can be sent in the mail to: Darci Frinquelli, Assistant Counsel, The Arsenal, Central Park, 830 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10065.
  • Fax: Faxed comments can be sent to Darci Frinquelli, Assistant Counsel, at 917-849-6742.

Presently, NYC Parks offers affordable membership rates at recreation centers citywide, with annual memberships as low as $100 for adults, $25 for seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and young adults, and free memberships for youth under the age of 18.