Oh No, Not Eisenberg’s! Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop in the Flatiron District




Eisenbergs Sandwich Shop, 175 Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District

Update September, 2022 ~ Under a new management with the new name S&P (court street grocers) or @Sandplunch, we hear from @vanishingny that the new owners have pretty much kept the integrity of the original Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, and expect to open mid September.

We haven’t been in a while  ~ a long while. But then, we haven’t been anywhere in quite a long while because of COVID-19. So it was today, with a heavy heart, that we read that the beloved Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, which opened in the heart of Ladies Mile in 1929, closed its doors (2021).

Eisenberg’s ~ Step inside

Located across from the iconic Flatiron Building, Eisenberg’s kept it’s original vintage interior, including its thirty-foot-long dining counter, in spite of changing hands a few times over the years.

Eisenberg’s ‘sandwich board’ out front

This is the quintessential New York diner, where a Wall Street broker might be seated on one of the twenty-five red leather stools next to a messenger, who could be seated next to a musician, a construction worker and on and on throughout the tiny, narrow, lively space ~ these were the regulars.

On the wall

It was one of the regulars, Josh Konecky, who purchased the beloved diner in 2005, after hearing that it might be for sale. Eisenberg’s changed hands again in 2018, now owned by Warren Chiu, of the Warwick Hotel family.

It’s hard to believe that even when the stock market crashed in 1929, Eisenberg’s ~ along Ladies Mile ~ thrived.  Hovering at the edge of a financial cliff, Grub Street offers more details.

Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop was located in the Flatiron District at 174 Fifth Avenue, NYC.