#OldSchoolJam ‘Street Art Edition’ + #100GatesProject Tour ~ East Harlem



Old School Jam in East Harlem

We joined Carey King of Uptown Grand Central and Ayana Hosted of 100 Gates Project in East Harlem for an Old School Jam ~ Street Art Edition, along with a Tour of some of the Gates in the !00 Gates Project, including a live paint!  Below, a few pictures of the day.

Old School Jam

Face painting (above) and arm painting (below) + #100GatesProject was in the house, with images of all the East Harlem Gates on the building behind the tents.

Painting ~ not just for kids! Girlfriends sporting their tats
100 Gates Project
Ayana Hosten, Project Coordinator for the #100GatesProject
Uni Project!
D.J. Tedsmooth & Team Straightface
Uptown Grand Central
Old School Jam, Uptown Grand Central + 100 Gates Project having fun ~ Ny Whitaker, Rande Rogers, Carey King
Ny Whitaker, Councilwoman Diana Ayala and Senator Brian Benjamin
East Harlem’s Finest at the Old School Jam
Congressman Adriano Espaillat & Son enjoying the day
100 Gates Project East Harlem
Taking the East Harlem 100 Gates Tour ~ in front of john carr’s gates on East 125th Street near Second Avenue

Above, tour of some of the East Harlem #100GatesProject led by Ayana Hosten, Public Art Coordinator for the 100 Gates Project, in front of a group of six consecutive gates on East 125th Street near Second Avenue painted by the artist John Carr @jcbknyc.

100 Gates Project
From L-R, Carey King, Director of Uptown Grand Central ~ Rande Rogers, owner, Sisters Caribbean Cuisine, and Sylvia Caldwell, owner of Harlem Berry Beauty Lounge ~ presenting her newly painted gate on the tour
Sylvia Caldwell, owner of Harlem Berry, and her Mom
Diana Ayala
Councilwoman Diana Ayala on the #100GatesProject Tour. This gate by artist ANJL at H&M Gallery on East 125th Street
100 Gates Project John Carr
Councilwoman Diana Ayala, Senator Brian Benjamin, Carey King – Director of Uptown Grand Central, Ny Whitaker, Rande Rogers owner Sisters Caribbean Cuisine and others gather around artist John Carr (JCBKNYC) in front of his ‘live paint’, a new work on Lexington Ave between 124-125th Street – for OldSchoolJam


100 Gates Project
Rounding the corner on East 125th Street and Madison Avenue, artist Paul Deo on the #100GatesProject Tour

During the summer of 2017, The 100 Gates Project and New Harlem East Merchant Association (NHEMA)¬†teamed up to bring local artists together with local merchants, thanks to a grant from New York City Department of Small Business Service’s Neighborhood 360 Program.

Walking down Madison Avenue between 125th-124th Streets, on the #100GatesProject TourEnding our #100GatesProject Tour at Sister’s Caribbean Cuisine (below), on 124th Street, just east of Madison Avenue

Artist Andre Trenier at Sister’s Caribbean Cuisine on East 124th Street

Check out more Gates in East Harlem participating in the Uptown Grand Central #100GatesProject, and #100Gates Behind the Scenes in El Barrio.

#100GatesProject #EastHarlem work still in progress. Stay tuned!