Oriental Philosophy Merge with Western Aesthetics at Kate Oh Gallery with the Exhibition, ‘Convalescence’ by Artist Bong Jung Kim




Bong Jung Kim. Image courtesy of the Artist and the Gallery.

Kate Oh Gallery invites you to Bong Jung Kim’s world of oriental philosophy  merged with western aesthetics. Kim’s art explores a philosophical relationship and quest to the subject matter of love, desire, and longing, bridging the gesture and expression of his body and soul.

The exhibition, Convalescence, is a deep dive into Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), focusing on the ambivalent nature of sharing information, enjoying and relieving stress on the Internet. Here he expresses fascination and concern in his ‘AddictionSeries, the Poppy Series. These large, bright poppies are dotted with computer parts at the poppies core.

Kim states, “I think that I have to draw pretty pictures to sell them rationally, but most of the works that are drawn come out regardless of such thoughts.

In the midst of negative elements like obsession, anger, addiction ~ he reconciles his images with healing elements of honesty, forgiveness, passion and faith.

Bong Jung Kim. Image courtesy of the Artist and the Gallery.

Born in Seoul, Korea, Bong Jung Kim lives and works in New York.

Bong Jung Kim: Convalescence, curated by Iris Inhee Moon, will be on view from May 9 to May 18, 2022 at Kate Oh Gallery, 31 East 72nd Street, NYC. Opening Reception will be held on May 15th from 3-6pm.

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This exhibition will be on view during the annual Madison Avenue Spring Gallery Walk, Saturday, May 14th.