Oscar Oiwa: Black & Light at Cadillac House Gallery in Greenwich Village




Oscar Oiwa, Black & Light at Cadillac House Gallery

Cadillac House has opened its gallery to the Japanese-Brazilian artist, Oscar Oiwa for his all-encompassing mural entitled Black & Light ~ a project created with Visionaire.

Cadillac House

As you approach the gallery, you’re asked to either remove your shoes or cover your feet ~ you’ll be stepping into an inflatable mural, with over 2,700 square feet of surface, painted by the artist using felt-tip pens. The entire mural took more than 100 hours to complete.

Stepping into the 360 degree, “swirling cosmos,” the artist has created an “all-encompassing stream of consciousness environment.”

Hand-painted floor, walls, ceiling can be somewhat disorienting

Taking a closer look

We’ve included images with a person in the frame, giving the space some scale. Otherwise, it’s hard to tell the top from bottom, and left from right! The intricate artwork includes Oiwa’s signature landscapes and characters such as Light Rabbit and Shadow Cat.

Here’s a wide shot, with part of the Exit door on the right, giving a better sense of the space

Oscar Oiwa began the mural on February 25th, live-streaming his work on a screen outside the structure for visitors to watch.

While you’re there, check out Cadillac House Cafe’, hosted by local roaster JOE Coffee.

JOE Coffee Cafe inside Cadillac House

Above ~ Cafe’ to the left.

The inflatable canvas, Black and Light,by artist Oscar Oiwa, was produced by Visionaire and will be on view from March 11 to March 30, 2019 at Cadillac House Gallery, 330 Hudson Street at Carlton Street, Greenwich Village closed its doors shortly after this exhibition (2019).