Outdoor Dining + Staying Cool. It’s Summer 2020 in NYC



As we slowly begin to reopen, New York City now has an interactive Map showing all open restaurants on Roadways, Sidewalks, Open Streets ~ with and without Alcohol, and easily found byBorough, Zip Code or Search by the name of the restaurant.

In addition to outdoor dining, New Yorker’s enjoy ordering in, but recent news about the high cost to small restaurants to deliver by the large services has been counter productive ~ until now. Check out Spread, a commission-free ordering marketplace. This new start-up by founder Andrew Wang, cuts out the middleman and allows us to order directly. A real win-win.

DOT Map of Outdoor Seating

Check out the Department of Transportation (DOT) interactive Map of Outdoor Dining. Be sure to add The Baylander Steel Beach to your list ~ a retired aircraft carrier at the 125th Street West Harlem Pier is Harlem’s newest eatery.

Summer is heating up. Check out Stay Cool! NYC ~ an interactive Map by NYC Parks with information on where to find spray showers, drinking fountains, and even tree cover near you.

Jump in to your local NYC pool or take a ride to a beach ~ opening on July 24th and August 1, 2020.

Wear a Face Mask ~ Stay Safe