‘Patchwork’ ~ The Summer Exhibition at Fremin Gallery




REKA NYARI “Wandered” 63″ x 50″ Archival Pigment Print

Fremin Gallery will open its doors on June 29th to the summer group exhibition, ‘Patchwork‘, featuring works by the following artists ~ Emilie Arnoux, Thannyo De Freitas, Daniel Diaz Tai, Hacer, Nemo Jantzen, Jean Philippe Kadzinski, Kevin Kelly, Lisa Meek, Yeji Moon, Reka Nyari, Ardan Ozmenoglu, Antoine Rose, Jake Michael Singer, Drew Tal, TMU, Tigran Tsitoghdzyan, Cecile Van Hanja, Alex Voinea.

JAKE MICHAEL SINGER “Fresh Murmur” 37.5″ x 27 ” x 27″” Stainless steel

This new exhibition displays an exquisite amalgamation of unique pieces that seamlessly fit together to create a whole. Each work leads to the next exploration and allows the viewers to find matching elements that initiate rare connections between the pieces. An assortment of mediums create alluring images that show abundant imagination, deep intimacy with the medium, and attention to detail.

The diversity of colors, themes, and styles showcased in “Patchwork” embodies the very essence of summer – a time for innovation, excitement and exploration. The vivid colors, beachy themes, and seductive motifs immerse the viewers in the world of inspiration and creativity, which is essential to grasp this eccentric group of artists. As each work of the show represents a singular patch, together, they create a fascinating experience that dares to impress and excite.

Patchwork will be on view at Fremin Gallery from June 29th to August 26, 2023 with an artist’s reception on Thursday, June 29th from 6-8pm. Fremin Gallery is located at 520 West 23rd Street, NYC.