A Carmen Herrera Design Mural to be created in East Harlem School

Enorme mural de la cotizada artista cubana Carmen Herrera, de 104 años, embellecerá desde finales del próximo mes de abril a las calles de East Harlem https://www.milenio.com/cultura/arte/carmen-herrera-llevara-obra-calles-york. Image via Milenio 2020.

Founded in 1981, Manhattan East School for Arts and Academics was created as as part of a small school movement, with about 200 students from every borough.

Visual Art, Music and Dance are an important part of the curriculum. And so it was a perfect location for famed Cuban-born artist, Carmen Herrera to gift her design, ‘Diagonal’ (1987) to be recreated as a mural on the occasion of her 105th birthday.

Carmen Herrera will be working with Publicolor during Spring and Summer 2020. When complete, it will be 54-feet wide and 17-feet tall, and finished just in time for Herrera’s birthday on May 30, 2020.

“I am proud to offer this image to Spanish Harlem and particularly proud that Publicolor students, so many of them Spanish-speaking like me, will be creating this,” Herrera said. “I selected several images and then reduced my choices to one that would best suit the specific site and, most importantly, that would challenge and motivate the students who are making it.”

The new mural will be titled “uno Dos Tres” and be an exact replica of her painting ‘Diagonal.’ It will be painted on an outdoor wall, visible from the FDR at 100th Street.

Her hope is that it will inspire creativity in the middle-school students.

Carmen Herrera had a major installation in 2019 in City Hall Park, with her installation, Carmen Herrera: Estructuras Monumentales, curated by Public Art Fund.

Take a look at Herrera’s extraordinary career on Galerie.

and the short YouTube video, Dana Miller on Carmen Herrera: Lines of Site (at age 101).

Publicolor worked this past summer 2019 with NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks ! Creative Courts Initiative and Facebook Artist-in-Residence Program (FB AIR Program) in Marcus Garvey Park.

Image via Milenio2020.

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