CIVITAS ~ Community Conversations Series: Land Use Proposal on Building Heights & Affordable Housing ~ October 2nd

In recent years, the upper East Side’s avenues have seen the development of several high-rise buildings that are not in scale or architecturally sympathetic to our neighborhood’s existing built character. In the early 1980’s the upper East Side was rezoned allowing higher density development on the avenues within a contextual building envelope that had specific building street wall requirements and height limits. However new advances in high-rise building construction, the use of higher floor-to-floor heights, the use of as-of-right zoning lot mergers to transfer unused development rights to generate more floor area on development sites and zoning variances (waivers) have produced unforeseen consequences and challenges to our community’s underlying zoning regulations.

Join CIVITAS for its Community Conversations Series. On October 2nd, the topic will be on Land Use Proposal on Building Heights & Affordable Housing.

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