CoVIDA: Hommage to Victims of the Pandemic at Roger Morris Park

CoVIDA, whose title combines “COVID” with “vida” (meaning “life” in Spanish), honors the people who have passed away from the pandemic, acknowledges the resilience of our community, and recognizes the courage of essential workers still on the front lines. The inhabitants of this historical site have survived through centuries of hardship, enduring displacement, wars, the 9/11 attack, and multiple pandemics. While we reflect on the devastating loss of life occurring now, we look to the future with hope, and celebrate the life that is here and now.

Inspired by memorial traditions from around the world, the piece features stylized winged figures symbolizing freedom; the cityscape celebrates the healing of our city; and cempasúchitl flowers, papel picado, and ribbons evoke Day of the Dead altars, wish trees, prayer flags and memorial ribbons.

The public is invited to submit names throughout the run of the exhibition and submissions can be made on-site at the museum and Park, at community satellite locations, or virtually by clicking the button below.

Submit a name to this living memorial

Names of victims, written by the artist or community volunteers onto ribbons, will be incorporated into the piece throughout the duration of the installation. Names can be submitted on-site at the museum and Park, at community satellite locations (details to come).

Events including Community Unveiling, Community Day of Reflection, and Artist Talk + Register for Virtual Parlor Chat.

Sponsored by NoMAA and mano a mano

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CoVIDA by artist Andrea Arroyo will be on view to December 31, 2020

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