East Harlem’s Metro North Station Get’s a Facelift

Artist, Terry Adkins, “Harlem Encore,” 1999 spans the width of East 125th Street at Metro North.

The MTA and NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) approved a $91.5 million to enhance five stations including the Uptown Grand Central Plaza located at Park Avenue and 125th Street. Work will begin on Monday, June 24, 2019. Halmar International has been contracted to do the work, which will include new signage, platforms, energy efficient LED lighting, benches with USB chargers, station dashboards and totems to provide convenient access to information, improvement to customer restrooms, and Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

The project is part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s initiative to improve transit and transportation throughout the region, focusing on improving customer experience, perception, comfort, and convenience.

While the work at Metro North 125 is going on, it is expected that continuous access will be provided at each station. The project is expected to take approximately thirty-two months, with five interim milestones to be completed with incentive for each.

The other four lucky stations include White Plains, Crestwood, Riverdale, and Port Chester.

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