Keeping an Eye on The Guerrilla Wall with The Harlem Art Collective (HART) ~ El Barrio

photo June 7, 2018
Guerrilla Wall El Barrio
Photo taken June 7, 2018
Guerrilla Wall East Harlem
Photo taken June 7 2018
Guerrilla Wall El Barrio
Photo taken June 7, 2017

HART: The Harlem Art Collective is the creative force behind The Guerrilla Gallery located on 116th Street, between Second and Third Avenues in El Barrio. The Wall is repainted regularly, with images portraying political and social messages. In addition, the collective has extended their creativity to visiting tourists by way of The Hart House – an Airbnb renting two rooms in an art-filled, five-bedroom apartment, using the proceeds to fund free art workshops for local artists. Their guests have the added bonus of the collectives local knowledge of great places to see, fabulous places to eat, and how to see El Barrio- not like a tourist.

New work is going up. Here are images taken June 7, 2018. We’ll check back next week to view completed images.

You can follow HART: The Harlem Art Collective on Facebook. Learn more about the culture & history of El Barrio at East Harlem Preservation.  Take a look at buildings of historical and cultural significance & the work being done to preserve them at Landmark East Harlem.  Learn more about El Barrio.  Also check out The East Harlem Community Alliance (EHCA) and NHEMA for local restaurants and merchants, and the new Taste of East Harlem Online Map100 Gate Project, taking place in East Harlem this year.

Take a look back at The Guerrilla Wall over the summer when it explored rezoning and gentrification.





















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