Marcus Garvey Park Farmers Market & Community Flower Garden



Image via Marcus Garvey Park Farmers Market


Every Saturday, Summer through Fall, and weather permitting, check out the Marcus Garvey Park Farmers Market!  Fresh produce, artisanal products, flowers and always a surprise. They are located on the extended sidewalk plaza along the perimeter of Marcus Garvey Park on the corner of Mount Morris Park West and 124th Street.  9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Have you noticed the new plants and shrubs along the Madison Avenue side of Marcus Garvey Park?  The Marcus Garvey Park Alliance recently formed a community residents gardening group, with corporate sponsors – also from our community. It’s a way to bring neighbors together, and fill the otherwise empty garden areas on the sidewalks along our park. It takes a Village, so if you’re interested, contact the Alliance. Every effort huge, no job too small. If you’re a local business and wish to participate, no amount too small.

You can also follow the Garden on the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance Facebook page.





2 thoughts on “Marcus Garvey Park Farmers Market & Community Flower Garden

  1. Great initiative! I hope that this effort could include the north side of the parc as well, on 124th street

    1. They are slowly moving up Madison Avenue, and hope to begin again (as they receive Sponsors money) next week, but still need volunteers to water.

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