Maysles Cinema Streaming for Free from January 11-24th, 2021



‘Meanwhile on Earth’ and ‘Meteorito” are streaming for free from January 11-24th as the double feature, Ritual Remembering by way of Maysles Cinema.

Meanwhile on Earth: Carl Olsson, 2020, 72min, Sweden; When we die, there are still some practicalities that need to be taken care of before our time among the living is finally over. In Meanwhile on Earth we enter the world around our end station, an industry of death. It is a place where the existential meets the mundane, the sacred meets the profane.

Meteorito; Mauricio Sáenz, 2018, 15min, Mexico; Dying to create life lies at the basis of the mysterious rituals of a group of Mexican ‘bird men’. In a mountainous landscape of meteorite craters, tropical rain and red earth, these bird men seek the place the sun rises.

Watch Ritual Remembering Here

And Watch the discussion with filmmakers Carl Olsson and Mauricio Sáenz Here.












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