Peace & Drum for Life & Justice ~ Sundays on the Acropolis

We know them from their annual Drum USA Peoples Jam, Drums for Peace in the Amphitheater in Marcus Garvey Park. The event has been held each September since 1998, calling on peace-loving people of all cultural traditions and creative persuasions to come out and participate.

We also know them as frequent musicians at the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance Children’s Reading Circle, volunteering to entertain the kids.

Now that the historic Watchtower is back and the Acropolis has been reopened, Peace & Drums for Life & Justice will be playing on the Acropolis in Marcus Garvey Park every Sunday between 1:00-4:00pm. Bring a folding chair, your kids and your drum! Plenty of room for social distancing ~ and even dancing.

The Acropolis sits in the middle of Marcus Garvey Park spanning East and Central Harlem, between 120th and 124th Streets ~ enter from any direction and take any of the steps leading up. You will find them playing under a shady tree, near the historic Harlem Fire Watchtower.

‘Peace & Drum ~ Spread the Word’

Just a note, the Drummers Circle has been renovated and the Saturday Drummers are back. Walk by and enjoy the nicely paved space & new gardens on the Madison Avenue side near 124th Street.

Follow more in the Park at Marcus Garvey Park Alliance and Public Art Initiative.

Save the Date, June 19th for #Juneteenth2020


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