2019 Sing for Hope Piano Arrived in Marcus Garvey Park!

Sarah Nisbett: You Are a Work of Art. Image courtesy singforhope.org and Marcus Garvey Park Alliance

Marcus Garvey Park will once again be the recipient of a Sing for Hope Piano. The piano will be located on the Madison Avenue side of the Park between 122/123rd Streets. Named “You Are a Work of Art”, the artist ~ Sarah Nisbett ~ is a former opera singer and self-taught live sketch artist and illustrator. Sarah learned how to draw by sketching her fellow passengers during her commute on the NYC subways. This led her to create Drawn On the Way, a collection of daily sketches drawn live, in the moment, which celebrate the people, moments and objects often overlooked in the rush of our day-to-day lives Through these intimate and often incomplete portraits of strangers Sarah hopes her work inspires people to see the world through a lens of appreciation and acceptance, leading them to view themselves and those around them as living works of art. After years of drawing strangers underground, aboveground and on the way, she hopes her art can help others learn what it has taught her: You are a work of art, and you’re sitting next to a masterpiece.

You Are a Work of Art by Sarah Nisbett is open for playing, and will be in Marcus Garvey Park through June 24th.




























































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