St. James Methodist Episcopal Church Slated for Demolition

The Historic St. James Methodist Episcopal Church located at 45 East 126th Street is slated for demolition.

A full demolition permit was filed for the three-story building, along with adjacent lots located at 1975 and 1981 Madison Avenue. The properties, owned by Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church, were all built at separate times, with some dating back as far as 1905.

According to Yimby, it is unclear what plans are in store for the 16,000+ square foot lot, since no permits have been filed yet.

Take Action ~ The permitĀ  to demolish Metropolitan is now in the hands of the NYC Department of Buildings. Write to Thomas Fariello, the acting commissioner, to tell him to place a stay on the demo permit while a thorough investigation takes place:

Located just one block north of the ever-changing East 125th Street, here’s what’s new there……






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