The Ginjan Cafe’ opening in the Corn Exchange Building This Summer



Mohammed and Ibrahima Diallo ~ also known as the Ginjan Brothers. You may know them from their popular cold-pressed West African juices (that, by the way, can now be found in all 145 Whole Food Stores in the North East).

The historic Corn Exchange Building has opened its doors to The Ginjan Cafe’ as its first tenant. We stopped by for a quick peek, and couldn’t resist a couple of almond croissants. We’ll be back there later this week for their crepes!

The Ginjan Cafe’ is located at 81 East 125th Street, on the corner of Park Avenue.

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Across the street, the new murals #UptownGrandScale, a work-in-progress on either side of Metro North.

Check out East 125th Street ~ A Work in Progress









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