Quin Arts at The Quin Hotel on 57th Street



The Quin lobby 15-foot Video Wall, featuring interactive compositions created by Artists-in-Residence + other creative partners

Have you walked through the lobby of The Quin this month?  In addition to the hotel’s permanent collection, distributed throughout, the lobby and drawing room are  exhibiting  Soren Solkaer: Heart Beat City  which runs from top to bottom, enveloping the large, comfortable space in color. The Danish photographer, Solkaer, who is known for his distinctive portraits of musicians, currently has two seperate exhibits at The Quin.  In addition to Soren Solkaer: Heart Beat City, the exhibit SURFACE, taken from his fine art photography book by the same name, is also on view.  Below are a few photos of Quin Arts current exhibits, and several other pieces done by Artists-in-Residence, now part of a permanent collection.  I do believe we caught the curator, DK Johnston, on the couch to the right.


Included in this exhibit are several pieces commissioned specifically for The Quin. Solkaer commented, “In many ways, the work I created for The Quin serves as a love letter to New York. For me, New York is the most inspiring city in the world and that’s what keeps drawing me back.”  Here, Solkaer brings together the work of global street artists and photography, many with a New York connection.



And on the  Second floor (below)

Musicians and artists have been frequent guests of the hotel throughout the years, with its proximity to galleries and across the street from Carnegie Hall. Moving on to the second floor you will find 14 D’Angelico Guitars…..

Quin Arts by D’Angelico Guitars of America  “combines two artistic forms – music and art.”  The participating artists were either former artists-in-residence or are represented in the hotel’s permanent collection.

D’Angelico Guitars are works of art, handcrafted in a tradition that began in the early 1900s in New York City. With this exhibit, “Quin Arts seeks to make art and its creators accessible – immersing you in NYC’s creative community.”

The Quin’s triplex Penthouse suite on the 17th floor includes an exhibition of more than 22 works from Soren Solkaer’s SURFACE collection. Quin Art is curated by DK Johnston. The Quin Hotel is located at 101 West 57th Street.

Next to the main entrance to The Quin is the service entrance.  How cool is that!

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