Raúl Ayala & Groundswell on the Bowery Wall NYC




Groundswell working on the Bowery Wall, September 17, 2020

The Bowery Art Wall, curated by Goldman Global Arts, is collaborating with Groundswell and Raúl Ayala for the Fall, 2020 mural. For this community mural, Ayala will be working with ten Groundswell youth artists.

Bowery Wall, September 2020

Raúl Ayala, a visual artist and educator, is no stranger to collaborative projects in New York City. He is co-founder of Cooperative Cultural 19 de enero (CC1/19), an art and oral history collaboration, and the People’s Collective Arts, an organization that facilitates visual, performance, and new media art for use in public interventions.

Groundswell working on the Bowery Wall, September 17, 2020

The Bowery Art Wall commission comes on the heals of a Highland Park Arts Commission mural entitled Break Bread ~ an 18 foot by 9 foot mural representing the carious cultures residing in the borough. And in 2019, Ayala led the young artists in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, creating artwork exploring gentrification and the effects of Superstorm Sandy on the community.

Today, Groundswell working on Bowery Wall, September 17, 2020

Moving into the week of September 21st, we have our eyes on Goldman Global Arts on Instagram ~ see their thread below.

Done! Raúl Ayala (below) stepping back to take a look at the finished mural.

Image via Groundswell Instagram with Raúl Ayala

For more on the artist, read Street Art NYC’s interview of Raúl Ayala.

Taking a look-back at Bowery Art Wall Murals in 2019.