Reka Nyari: Chromatic Ink to Open at Fremin Gallery




REKA NYARI – “Antheia” – 63″ x 50″ – Archival Pigment Print on Acid Free Paper. Image courtesy Fremin Gallery

Fremin Gallery will open its doors to “CHROMATIC INK”, an exhibition of new large-scale photographs by Reka Nyari as the first show in 2024. This suite of 14 works is part of an ongoing portraiture project which Nyari introduced in 2017 with her first solo exhibition at our gallery titled “Geisha Ink”.

Artist reception on Thursday, January 11th, 6-8pm. Exhibition, January 11th to February 25th. RSVP at

This body of work continues to explore a central element of Nyari’s practice: intimate studies of self-identity and female empowerment through nude portraiture.

REKA NYARI – “Deep Secret” – 63″ x 50″ – Archival Pigment Print on Acid Free Paper. Image courtesy Fremin Gallery.

Reka Nyari places her “CHROMATIC INK” series into the canon of unfettered female imagery with the tales of two women and their response to struggle and pain. The intricately woven threads of ink on their skin empower their spirit as acts of defiance, vows of power, and emblems of transformation of the mind through the physical body.

Nyari has previously been exploring the power of tattoos through her black and white portraiture: The latest series is a drastic, joyous, vivid opposition to her previously monochromatic work. She has returned to her painter’s roots, embracing color in all its glory. Beautifully and ornately fully tattooed woman
emerges from vivid, rich backgrounds of blue, red, and turquoise. As always, all the tattoos are real; Nyari uses minimal retouching and processing when creating her images, creating her art with the use of elaborate props, fabrics, and backgrounds. Utilizing symbols of transformation and growth, the images
bring to life the story of Bloomt, a French tattoo artist who has morphed her body into a piece of art.

The exhibition also includes two black and white images from Nyari’s BLOOMING INK series, which portrays Charlotte, wearing real butterflies and a custom made crown. She had been dealing with extreme shyness and social anxiety all her life, causing her to withdraw from society. Fascinated by the beauty of tattoos, she had the idea of covering her entire body in tattoos. Her bodysuit is an entire piece of art; designed by one tattoo artist to cover her body in intricate patterns, executed in about one year of hard-core needling and pain. Her tattoos changed her life and her destiny. Charlotte says that through the drawings on her body, she became the person she was always meant to be: An outspoken, artistic, and outgoing young woman. As her skin changed, so did her personality, and her life.

Reka Nyari. Image courtesy Fremin Gallery.

REKA NYARI joins these women together as a clear clarion call of independence and power. While Nyari explores the creation of a strengthened self-image through tattoos, the scenes which the artist invents often transcend into the realm of discomfort, of unease. Nyari constructs a storyline around her heroine, thus proposing that self-empowerment and reconciliation with one’s traumas is inextricably linked to the creation of a personal mythos — it is the act of creating one’s own skin, of inventing one’s own story.

The resulting photographs are nuanced portraits of female warriors and muses, composing a story of strength and transformation, and of the over-enduring female spirit. Nyari’s sensitive portrayal of her subjects’ scars and adornments, both understood as physical manifestations of the heroine’s abuse and resilience, carry an inspiring combination of vulnerability and courage. Addressing the complex facets of body art, Nyari makes her subjects’ tattoos understood as symbols of vigor and triumph.

Reka Nyari: Chromatic Ink will be on view from January 11 to February 25, 2024 at Fremin Gallery, 520 West 23rd Street, NYC. An Artist reception on Thursday, January 11th, 6-8pm. RSVP at

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