Reka Nyari ‘Ink Stories’ to be Inaugural Exhibition at Expanded Fremin Gallery in Chelsea




Reka Nyari ‘Nursing Madonna’ Image courtesy Fremin Gallery

Fremin Gallery will open its doors in their new, expanded Chelsea space, on February 28th, with the inaugural exhibition, Ink Stories by Reka Nyari.

Finnish photographer, Reka Nyari places her Ink Stories series into the canon of unfettered female imagery with the tales of four women and their response to struggle and pain.

The intricately woven threads of ink on their skin empower their spirit as acts of defiance, vows of power, and emblems of transformation of the mind through the physical body.

Ink Stories by Reka Nyari will be on view from February 28 to April 6, 2019, with an artist reception from 6-8pm on February 28th with RSVP.  Fremin Gallery is now located at 520 West 23rd Street, under The High Line in the Chelsea Art District.

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