Revisiting the 25th Street Indoor Garage + Outdoor Flea Markets NYC




Sunday mornings at the Chelsea Indoor Garage Flea Market!  Oh, how we looked forward to, enjoying not only the search for fabulous finds, but the only-in-New-York characters that were searching along side us. It was a sad day when we learned that the Garage Flea was closing, and after several false stops & starts, it officially closed for good in June, 2014.

Today we went back to see what ever happened to the space that once was the site of some of our most interesting finds, but not before we take a look back at a few memories.






When we saw the rendering (below), it reminded us of the other flea market that use to grace the outdoor space of a large empty lot on the other side of Sixth Avenue at 25th Street – where a Luxury Rental building now stands.

112 West 25th Street, the site of the 25th Street Garage Flea Market, and what is being built.

The outdoor Chelsea Flea Market lasted a few years more, closing for good on Sunday, December 29, 2019. It had become host to many of the vendors from the Garage Flea. Below, a few lovely memories of many a Saturday and/or Sunday.

Chelsea Flea Market
Chelsea Outdoor Flea Market between Sixth Avenue & Broadway

The end of an era

Check out the Chelsea Flea Market, 29 West 25th Street between 5th/6th Avenues and GreenFlea, 100 West 77th Street. We hear that the Brooklyn Flea will reopen in Spring 2021!