Rob Fisher Brings “City, 2017” to Park Avenue



New art installation presented by The Fund for Park Avenue is now on view. Check out Rob Fischer’s ‘City, 2017.’

The new site-specific installation, City, 2017, by the Brooklyn-based artist, Rob Fischer is a glorious combination of his work in every medium. Known for his glass houses/boats and glass renderings of such everyday objects like luggage and backpacks, the colorful, boxed-glass installation seems quite fitting set on the medium in front of the glass-box skyscraper, Lever House on Park Avenue at 54th Street.


The multifaceted installation combines glass, steel, screen print ink, acrylic and latex paint, cast aluminum, furniture, tree stumps, moss, water, construction adhesive, and silicone.

The new installation, Rob Fischer ‘City, 2017’ can be found on Park Avenue and 54th Street, in the center medium, and will be on view through November 15, 2017. This installation is presented by The Fund for Park Avenue, NYC Parks, and Derek Eller Gallery.

While you’re there, check out Premonition by artist Reginald Sylvester at Lever House – right across the street, on view to February, 2018.