Roberta Fineberg: The Universe is Working For You ~ a Pop-up Exhibition at Time Gallery NYC




Roberta Fineberg: Tamed, 2017. 13″ x 19″; pigment print on baryta paper

For Women’s History Month, 2022, multidisciplinary artist, Roberta Fineberg, focuses on the subjects of freedom, serendipity, experimentation, and development of ideas for her photography, works on paper, and an installation for an art pop-up show at Time Gallery on Bleecker Street in NYC from March 8th through March 13th.

The exhibition explores palpable relationships across platforms, which include the ephemeral life of a butterfly, stolen moments, play, timelessness, the enduring, and weightiness/lightness of matter.

Image courtesy of the artist

Fineberg’s butterfly series is based on a poem by the 13th Century Persian poet Rumi: “Whatever you know, or don’t – only love is real’. From the transformative to the ephemeral, the birth and death of a butterfly is reimagined in this series, exploring the relationship of the natural and man-made world in which a caterpillar breaks free of its skin for a metamorphosis. Hatching into an exquisite creature, colorful butterflies embody the concept of the universe in its diversity and energy. The vibrant colors and patterns of the butterflies sipping nectar from flower to flower, express powerful female strength, women’s unique ability to transform, adapt, and recreate.

Roberta Fineberg: Longing To Be Free, 2022; 30″ x 20″, mixed-media on Washi paper. : The Universe is Working For You at Time Gallery

Roberta Fineberg: The Universe is Working For You is a pop-up exhibition that will be on view from March 8 ~ 13 at Time Gallery, 178 Bleecker Street (2nd Floor), NYC. Art & Cocktail Reception to be held on Sunday, March 13th from 3-5pm, free and open to the public. For info and appointments contact 99PrintsNYC.

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