Russell Jackson’s ‘Reverence Harlem’ coming to Historic Strivers Row District




The site of the new restaurant, Reverence Harlem (Right in this photo)

According to Eater New York, California Chef Russell Jackson has opened a fine dining restaurant, Reverence Harlem, in the historic Strivers Row District, close to where he has been living, on 138th Street ~ and Reservations are now Live!

Front door of Reverence Harlem on Frederick Douglass Boulevard at 138th Street (image taken June 30, 2019)

Reverence Harlem will be located on the same block as the popular art gallery, Faction Art Projects, a collective formed by the team behind the well-known London-based Gallery 8. and on the corner of one of the historic Strivers Row blocks.

Close-up of the Logo in the window

We understand that the fine dining experience at Reverence Harlem will include a five-course prix fixe menu for $98, focusing on seafood, poultry, and vegetables.

From L-R, 139th Street, Faction Art Projects (R) Reverence Harlem at 139th Street

The image above is another angle, beginning (Left) at the gallery, Faction Art Projects, moving down Frederick Douglass Boulevard to 138th Street and Reverence Harlem, with a break between buildings where the back-yards of the historic houses on Strivers Row line the alley. Below, a look at Strivers Row on 139th Street.

View of historic Strivers Row between Frederick Douglass Boulevard and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard in Harlem

Reverence Harlem is located at 2592 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, corner of 138th Street., and Reservations are now Live!





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