Sacred Pause, Sacred Fertilizer to Open at Nevelson Chapel




During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis (and social justice movements which ignited during the same period), humankind faced a torrent of emotions ~ sadness, grief, rage, fear, anxiety, and constant uncertainty. Nineteen female-identifying artists offer witness, through personal statements and artworks produced during this historic period, on what was awakened in their practice (and within) when they ceded to what presented in the pause.

Sacred Pause, Sacred Fertilizer features artworks produced since March 2020, drawn from a diverse body of 19 North American women artists.

Curator’s Statement ~ “We’re pleased to share with the public this exhibition of new work by women artists ~ reflecting a range of the personal (and often universal) emotions experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

Of the 19 artists featured, a number are familial caretakers and mothers. Several encountered personal losses and other traumas. Each chose to respond to the pandemic pause, and the constraints that presented, using the language they know best—art making. In choosing works, we asked: What presented in the pause, and how did your art help you navigate towards what comes next? The result offers a unique perspective on what comes when one simply cedes to what presents.

We were deeply inspired by the exhibition space in which this exhibition is mounted—Nevelson Chapel at Saint Peter’s Church—designed by artist (and Ukrainian war refugee) Louise Nevelson, as a place of comfort in the heart of midtown Manhattan. This setting provides an inspiring example of how women creators can transform individual challenges into a powerful visual language of universal comfort.”….. Lisa Wirth of Work in Progress and Marly Hammer.

Participating artists include Anna Cone; Anne Muntages; Ashley Garrett; Dina cline; Domenica Bucalo; Elspeth Schulze; Esmaa Mohamoud; Hilary Doyle; Karen Mainenti; Katrina Maijkut; Leah Guadagnoli; Linda Colletta Madeline Donahue; Mara de Luca; Maria de Los Angeles; Marlene Frontera; Natale Adgnot; Nazanin Noroozi; and Rachel Klinghoffer.

Sacred Pause, Sacred Fertilizer will be on view from September 28, 2022 to January 4, 2023 at Nevelson Chapel at Saint Peter’s Church, 619 Lexington Avenue (Entrance on East 54th Street), NYC. An Opening Reception will be held on September 28th from 6-8pm.

The exhibition is presented by Nevelson Chapel and New York Culture Club in partnership with Midtown Arts Common.