Salmagundi Club unveils ‘A Wisp, A Whisper, Fading into the Present: Tonalism Today



Sharon Pearsall [RA 2007] Reflecting on crows nest bathing dock, 2021; Oil; 17 x 20 inches. $1,950
On view from January 31 through February 25, 2022, the Salmagundi Club presents Tonalism Today, an exhibition of works that feature neutral hues and soft atmospheric effects. For this show, each piece was hand-selected by the Salmagundi Art Committee, from artists within the club, to offer a contemporary look at how artists today are working within the style of Tonalism.

Joan Marie Palmer [RA 2013] Pear, 2021; Oil; 11 x 16 inches. $800
In an art-historical context American Tonalism refers to an artistic movement spanning approximately 40 years from 1880 through 1920, that focused on the creation of landscape art. This was the time period shortly after the Salmagundi Club was formed, so naturally there were Tonalist members, and it has been a theme for many exhibitions throughout the club’s history.

Central characteristics of Tonalism are subtle colors, soft-edged forms, and poetic landscapes, which can produce an emotional response that resonates with the viewer. The often expressive handling of paint evokes the sense of the subject matter being alive, and the viewer’s eye can almost see the vibrations of movement in the edges of each form.

Carole Teller [EM 2003], After the snow, 2021; Oil; 10 x 12 inches. $600
In this exhibition, not only do we see the traditional landscapes, and images of nature, but we also have paintings with evidence of our current environment showing cityscapes and urban scenes in this style. Though varied in subject matter, these pieces are united by their muted tones of greens, purples, blues, and grays, as well as the depiction of atmosphere, or unseen air, creating an overall ethereal composition.

Jessica Artman, Art Committee Chair, comments, “Since this is a recurring theme, it is an opportunity to present our members’ best works. This is a very selective group of works that we felt challenged yet upheld what Tonalism was and is today.”

Anne McGrory [NRA 2012] Italian plums and brass, 2014; Oil; 21 x 26 inches. $4,500
The exhibition in the Rockwell Gallery is free and open to the public. Viewing hours are 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, and 1:00 to 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. The Opening Reception and Award Ceremony will take place on February 10, 2022 at 6 pm and 7 pm, respectively. Salmagundi Club is located at 47 Fifth Avenue, between 11th and 12th Streets in Greenwich Village, NYC.

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