Samantha Holmes’ ‘Mundilo/Little World’ on View at West Farms Square Plaza, Bronx




Samantha Holmes, Mundilo/Little World at West Farms Square. Image credit: Liz Logan

Samantha Holmes’, “Mundilo/Little World” is the sixth temporary art commission presented at West Farms Square in partnership with the Bronx River Art Center.

Holmes collaborated with Bronx-based lacemakers to inform the traditional Puerto Rican lace patterns ‘woven’ into the steel. The installation is a monument to women’s work and the cultural dynamism of the Bronx. Here, the artist hopes to bring the softness of cotton into the resilience of steel, as the sculpture stretches across the plaza, “filling it with the colors and textures of the surrounding neighborhood ~ weaving this vibrant community the very fabric of the piece.”

Explore the sculpture on the ground, or experience a unique vantage point from up above while standing on the subway staircase.

Image via NYC DOT Art

Samantha Holmes, ‘Mundilo/Little World’¬†is made of steel and stands 14′ x 8′ x 9.8′ and is presented by NYC DOT Art as a Community Commission sculpture.

Mundilo/Little World is the second Community Commission sculpture for NYC DOT Art this year, with the first commissioned piece, Boulevard of African Monarchs by artist Kenseth Armstead on view in Harlem.

Mundilo/Little World will be on view through September 2021 at West Farms Square Plaza, Bronx, NYC.

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Follow the artist, Samantha Holmes on Instagram. She is based in New York and Ravenna, Italy.