‘Seascape’ by Ejay Weiss on view in The Kaufman Arcade in The Garment District




Artist, Jay Weiss, ‘Seascape’ in the Kaufman Arcade. Image courtesy Garment District Alliance

The Garment District Alliance announced a public art exhibits, showcasing Seascape, a series of 13 panel paintings created by the late artist Ejay Weiss. The GDA installation marks the first time the artwork has ever been exhibited to the public.

“The Garment District Alliance is honored to display this exceptional artwork for the first time through our Public Art program,” said Barbara A. Blair, president of the Garment District Alliance. “Weiss’ imaginative and creative work contribute to our neighborhood’s dynamic and artistic character, and we encourage all New Yorkers and visitors to check out this special exhibition this fall.”

In his series of acrylic paintings, Weiss dramatically displays a wave-cresting shoreline, rocks, shells, marine life and hues of ocean water swirling through illusionistic space. His paintings combine elements of the natural landscape, utilizing acrylic paint, beach sand, and pumice gel on canvas that present a unique way of experiencing the second dimension. Positioned side by side, the 13 seascapes portray an array of life forms that spin to and from the water, adding a paradoxical sense of timelessness to physical depth. The paintings were created in 2011, seven years before Weiss’ passing.

Ejay Weiss (1942-2018) was a native New Yorker, studying painting at New York University from 1963 to 1965. In 2008, he began his Seascapes Series, but he is probably best known for his memorable work in response to the events of September 11, 2001.

Located inside the Kaufman Arcade building on 132 West 36th Street, the free exhibit is accessible to the public through December 15th.  Seascape is part of the Garment District Space for Public Art program, which showcases artists in unusual locations throughout the year and has produced more than 200 installations, exhibits and performances.