Six Temporary Art Installations Pop-Up in Bella Abzug Park at Hudson Yards



Artist, Ailene Fields, Poseidon

Who can forget Bella Abzug ~ and in honor of her memory, New York City Parks renamed Hudson Yards Park in her honor during Women’s History Month, 2019. The busy little Park is also a #7 Train stop on the subway at 34th Street, and sits alongside an entrance to The Shed and The Vessel. It is under the auspices of not only NYC Parks, but also The Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen Alliance (HYHK).

Artist, Gina Micinilli

The Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen Alliance (HYHK) recently installed six new, temporary artworks are in partnership with Six Summit Gallery featuring the works of Gina Micinilli and Ailene Fields.

Artist, Ailene Fields ~ Frog Prince

Three sculptures have been installed in Block 1 of the park — Leo Sapiens Falconidae, Dragoness, and Owl by Fields.

Artist, Ailene Fields

In Block 2, three additional sculptures have been installed — Ferro Elementare by Miccinilli, and Fields’ Poseidon and Frog Prince. 

Artist, Ailene Fields ~ Owl

The six sculptures will be on view through June 30, 2020 in Bella Abzug Park, 542 West 36th Street, NYC.

Save the dates for The Holiday Market in Bella Abzug Park, November 16-17th with a weekend of performances, DJs and one-of-a-kind gifts by over 30 unique artists and vendors.

While you’re there, check out The Poetry Jukebox, a new, temporary installation in the Park, and a permanent art installation, Ascension, by Jordan Baker-Caldwell (below).

Ascension by Jordan Baker-Caldwell

And the Green Roof at Javits Center, and The Shed + Vessel right next door. Skip the traffic, and walk The High Line.

#7 Hudson Yards MTA artwork by Xenobia Bailey

Or take the #7 at Hudson Yards subway station with gorgeous artwork by Xenobia Bailey.