So Close: Love & Hate Coming to Joe’s Pub May 23-24

Art as activism has become a way to explore our current political climate and engage each other in a cohesive way. Thoughtful and creative exhibits, installations and performances explore these issues, bringing them to life. In a new show at Joe’s Pub, the Brooklyn-based, Venezuelan born artist, Migguel Anggelo brings his creative talents and political awareness to life in “So Close: Love & Hate”, addressing divisiveness, humanity and hope.

Departing from his usual full-band backup, he will be accompanied by a cello, wind instruments and a piano – a serious backdrop for a serious subject matter, including an original song entitled “I Hate This Song”, exploring many of today’s headlines, with song-lines like

“Start up the engine, drill the earth for gold
sell it to the devil, along with your soul,
leaders thinking climate change is a hoax
leaving their children and mine with no home”

So Close: Love & Hate is directed by David Drake, with musical direction by Mau Quiros. The show will run for the two nights of May 23-24 at Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette Street. You can follow So Close: Love & Hate and Migguel Anggelo on Facebook and Twitter. Purchase Tickets. We can all use some contagious, positive energy.