‘So Close: Love & Hate’ Returns to Joe’s Pub



Photo credit: Public Theatre

Joe’s Pub will welcome back Brooklyn-based, Venezuelan born artist, Migguel Anggelo in the ubiquitous story of immigration, So Close: Love & Hate, for two performances.

Photo credit: Public Theatre

Art as activism has become a way to explore our current political climate and engage each other in a cohesive way.  As an artist and an immigrant, Anggelo once again brings his creative talents and political awareness to life in his performance, and although almost one year has gone by since Anggelo was on the same stage with the same performance, his words then, unfortunately still ring true today ~ as he proclaimed  “Like many people, I am so disheartened by what is going on in the world today socially and politically.”  But moving toward a more positive message,  “While So Close: Love & Hate is not a political rant, poetically and metaphorically it is a sonic collage that deals with those issues, and love as the antidote to a world of hate,”  as Anggelo describes how this show came to be…….

“The reason I created this show is simple; right now it feels like there is a lack of tolerance and unity in the US and beyond. We as a people are being threatened. I worry about the world we are giving our children, that we are destroying what’s in their hearts and the love in their future. To me, art and music come from frustration, challenges, and the oppression of freedom or love. Love and Hate often walk hand in hand with each other, they are sisters. But it’s our responsibility to see that love prevails over hate. Love is always the answer.”

Photo credit: Nico lliev. Image via Migguel Anggelo website.

So Close: Love & Hate is an evocative evening of song, dance and stunning costume changes  accompanied by just four musicians (rather than his full band).

Musical Direction: Jaime Lozano
Arrangements by Mau Quiros and Jaime Lozano Directed by David Drake
Costumes by Clint Ramos and Migguel Anggelo Piano: Jaime Lozano
Saxophone, Clarinets, Flute: Henry Paz
Cello: Marza Wilks
Percussion: Ivan Llanes

So Close: Love & Hate, with two performances ~ March 28 and April 4, 7:00pm, at The Public Theatre,  Joe’s Pub,  425 Lafayette Street, NYC.  Tickets.