‘Speak Up! Women Art & Social Justice’ to Open at Basin Gallery, Red Hook




Image courtesy Connie Lee, Founder/President, Art Lives Here, Inc.

“Speak Up! Women Art & Social Justice” is a four person exhibition running from March 8 through April 21, 2024 at Basin Gallery & Studios in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Guest curated by artist/ curator Valeri Larko, this mixed media show features original artwork from: Rodriguez Calero , Airco Caravan, Daina Higgins and Arlene Rush. This show addresses women’s rights, as well as other social justice issues. All of the artists in this exhibition have been making important art for decades. They say the “future is female”, but with so many countries backsliding on women’s rights and other human rights, it is important to listen to these powerful women’s voices.

Rodriguez Calero

Rodriquez Calero addresses prejudice in many forms in her acrollage paintings, including works like “A Life Cut Short” & Target of Prejudice. Senseless prejudice, anger, racism, hate crimes and acts of inhumanity against people of color, all in the name of Making America Great, results in unnecessary loss of lives. There’s a long tradition of violence and discrimination against Asian Americans. This prejudice is woven through the nation’s history and p art of American culture has been minimizing and pretending discrimination against Asian Americans can’t and does not exist, yet there has been a rise of racially motivated threats and attacks, especially against Asian American women in the United States.

Airco Caravan

When Airco Caravan moved to New York in 2022 from the Netherlands, the first thing she had to buy was a spray can of Raid, to get rid of the roaches. It was very effective, and this sparked a new idea: wouldn’t it be nice if we could spray away all nasty things in our society? Just like killing bugs? This resulted in a growing series of more than 150 bold, colorful, and humorous products to end racism, sexism, misogyny, and war. On view will be cast resin, acrylic, and fabric spray bottles. Pest AC. For a Better World.

Arlene Rush

Arlene Rush is a conceptual multidisciplinary artist, her art expands to incorporate sculpture, installations, photography, reappropriated objects and mixed media. Through her artistic practice this series “Current Affairs” examines perceived reality and power concerning our political climate of our era. The work exists among ideas of feminist ideology, political engagement and how it critically relates to the world around her.

Daina Higgins

Daina Higgins’s paintings are from her Pandemic/Protest series of modestly sized oil paintings of a very big subject, the civil rights uprising after the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor amid the isolation of the pandemic. She is exhibiting a series of works of defaced and toppled Colonial and Confederate monuments that speak to the power of graffiti to call attention to these silent monuments of oppression.

About BASIN Gallery & Studios

Basin Gallery & Studios located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, opened in 2022 by artists Liz Galvin and Jaimie Walker. Galvin is the primary curator for BASIN’s vibrant and eclectic exhibitions, including producing young-artist shows for Red Hook Art Project. Walker is prominently known for her large mixed media paintings and collages, which hang throughout Brooklyn, including Gleason’s Boxing Gym, Superfine and in private collections around the world. Walker was also the featured artist of the 2022 DUMBO Drop. BASIN is an independent gallery that is proudly women-owned and operated and committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as a cornerstone of its brand.

‘Speak Up! Women Art & Social Justice’ guest curated by Valeri Larko, will be on view from March 8 through April 18, 2024 at Basin Gallery & Studios, 344 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn. An Opening Reception will be held on International Women’s Day, Friday, March 8th from 6-9pm. A Sunday Soiree will be held on March 24th from 4-7pm. A Closing Reception will be held on Thursday, April 18th from 6-9pm.

Gallery hours are Thursday + Friday from 2-7pm, Saturday + Sunday from Noon to 7pm. Gallery visits outside operating hours may be scheduled by contacting the gallery.

  • A note of thanks to Connie Lee, Founder/President of Art Lives Here, Inc. for the heads-up on this exhibition.