Speaking in Two Tongues, a Dynamic Duo Exhibition by Logan Sylve + Cristiano Mangovo at Allouche Gallery




Motivators, 2023. Acrylic on Canvas. 58 x 73.50 inches © Cristiano Mangovo. Courtesy of Allouche Gallery and the artist. Image courtesy of the Artists and Allouche Gallery

Allouche Gallery opened its doors to ‘Speaking in Two Tongues‘, a duo exhibition featuring New York based artist Logan Sylve and Angolan artist Cristiano Mangovo. The exhibition explores the artistic languages of Sylve and Mangovo, revealing the compelling intersections in their distinct visual narratives. It also serves as a reflection on culture, tradition, and the dynamic relationships between individuals and their bodies.

About the Artists

Logan Sylve (b. 1995, New Orleans) is a New York-based American contemporary painter and illustrator. Growing up in Louisiana, Sylve began creating art at an early age. Entirely self-taught, Sylve has amassed a large international following of loyal fans and collectors.

Sylve read comics such as “Wolverine” and “The Maxx,” finding inspiration in the visual dialogue of comic book art. Sylve hopes to curate an appreciation of people’s different perspectives on his work. He doesn’t create with a goal in mind, rather tries to encapsulate moments of the human experience in hopes it ripples out to viewers and they consider what it means to live. Sylve’s characters are constantly evolving, though are instantly recognizable for their enormous grinning smiles, huge eyes and elongated bodies.

Cristiano Mangovo was born in 1982 in Cabinda, Angola, and earned his Degree in Fine Art from Ecole des Beaux Arts in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) with additional training in urban scenography and performance. Growing up as a refugee in the DRC and returning to Angola in 2009, from early on Mangovo was faced with fundamental questions arising directly from the turbulent Angolan society and the world in general.

Representing a new generation of socially-focused artists in an awakening and increasingly self-conscious Africa, formed by a country still forging its own post and de-colonial identity after years of civil conflict, his multi-faceted work spans painting, sculptures, performance and design, working towards cogent social commentary with strong psychoanalytical elements. Mangovo received early recognition for his work, mounting some 40 exhibitions and performances and earning his first post-graduate solo exhibition in 2013 by the Foundation Art and Culture in Luanda. In 2014, he was awarded the Mirella Antognoli Prize by the Italian Embassy and Alliance Française as well as the prestigious ENSA ARTE prize, which sent him into Cite Internationale des Arts residency resulting in a solo exhibition in Paris. He has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions in Portugal, France, Italy, South-Africa, Zimbabwe, D.R. Congo, Belgium and the United States. He featured in the Angola Pavilion 2015 Seeds of Memory at Expo Milan, which won the Best Pavilion Prize as well as took part with an individual installation and performances in the international urban Infecting the City Festival in Cape Town in 2016 supported by the Swiss Founda- tion for Culture. The artist lives and works between Angola and Lisbon, Portugal.

Speaking in Two Tongues will be on view to March 11, 2024 at Allouche Gallery, 77 Mercer Street, NYC.