Spring/Break Art Show 2021 NYC opening in September 8-13




Spring/Break Art Show returns for its tenth New York City shows with more than 100 curatorial exhibitions from the First-Look Collectors Preview one Wednesday, September 8th through September 13th.

By first inhabiting St. Patrick’s Old School, and then the former James A. Farley Post Office, Cond√© Nast building, and UN Plaza building, the initiative offers independent curators free space within New York City landmarks, past and future. In exchange for no-cost exhibition space, visionary perspectives both established and unknown are charged with engaging these areas under a unifying theme and pushed to extend the boundries of typical market week practices, low overhead and shifting curatorial themes their assets to this end.

This years theme ~ HEARSAY:HERESY

Sam Tufnell, Chicken Soup is Not Good for the Soul in Times Square. Image courtesy of the artist.

The show will feature artists from across the globe including NYC-based Sam Tufnell, who will be featuring his latest video installation series, ‘Chicken Soup is Not Good for the Soul‘.

Tufnell has used his prior experience as a mold maker and caster to create various composition of phrases and ordinary subject matter, all entirely rendered in chicken soup, which he then photographs as it disintegrates and digitally edits into a video stream similar to the way traditional claymation was originally performed. Through referencing various conflicting aspects of consumerism, climate change, capitalism, and the art market, the installation takes us through a symphony of junk and phrases as it dissolves and reconfigures into new forms in an endless loop.

Sam ufnell, Chicken Soup is Not Good for the Soul in Times Square. Image courtesy of the artist.

Collectors Preview Days will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, September 8-9; VIP Preview Nights will be held from 5-9pm on September 8-9; Regular show days will be September 10-13 from 11am to 8pm. Check here for a list of 2021 Curators.

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The exhibition HEARSAY: HERESY at Spring/Break Art Show 2021 New York City will be located at 625 Madison Avenue, between 58th/59th Streets. Follow on Instagram.

Spring/Break will be adhering to all health & safety protocols.