Sprinkle Splash Sweet Shoppe Reopens in the Historic La Marqueta Market




Check out the new cupcake/cake vending machine!

Update 2022 ~ CLOSED & moved to Miami

New York City delights in its myriad of neighborhoods, each with its local restaurants and shops of all kinds. As we hold our collective breath on the survival of our favorite local haunts, we breath a grateful sigh of relief when lights go on, and doors open ~ even if only for take-out.

And so it was with great relief when we learned that the historic East Harlem Market, La Marqueta, would be opening its doors again, with one of the best-kept-bakery secrets in town, Sprinkle Splash Bake Shoppe.

Sprinkle Splash, February 2021

Loving what you do really shows, and that’s the first thing that will come to mind when you meet the owner, Tabatha Lozano, who is always in search of her next best treat. Her elaborate hand-crafted delights come in all shapes and sizes ~ for showers, weddings, extraordinary children’s birthday creations, cupcakes, and amazing Puerto Rican deserts like the very popular Tembleque, Quesitos and Flan.

Hermes Birkin Handbag Cake! Icing in all flavors/colors

Lozano also loves where she works ~ the historic La Marqueta Market, where her Mother would bring her to shop when she was a child. Now in her fourth year at La Marqueta, Sprinkle Splash reopened this week with all COVID-19 precautions in place. While the shop hasn’t restarted its classes and fun daytime and evening events, its shelves are filled with all our favorites, and Tabatha and her team are ready to take orders for some of her most popular pre-COVID-19 cakes, like the fabulous (images above and below) Hermes Birkin Handbag cakes. Don’t those scarfs look delicious?

Yes, It’s a cake!

These days, her commissioned cakes are made for smaller groups, and rather than the whimsical cakes from times passed, she’s been asked to create COVID-19 related cakes ~ shaped like rolls of toilet paper and masks! And cakes can be purchased directly from the new vending machine!

The shoppe is open now on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Delicious creations

If you’re looking for ideas, check out the Sprinkle Splash gallery book. We’re keen on this whimsical cake below, created for a First Birthday. Or bring in your own picture or design.

Whimsical creations for kids of all ages

Sprinkle Splash Bake Shoppe is located inside La Marqueta, 1590 Park Avenue at 115th Street, East Harlem.

Can’t close without an image of what I bought today from the Sprinkle Splash Vending Machine (below).

It’s mine & I don’t share.

Follow Sprinkle Splash on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ~ and Tabatha Lozano on LinkedIn. Sprinkle Splash is a member of Buy Local East Harlem, a certified Woman-Owned Business, and participant in the annual Harlem Eatup!

New outdoor seating at La Marqueta

While you’re there, check out Amuse Bouche Bistro. Yes ~ there is outdoor seating, and now limited indoor seating.