St. Patrick’s Cathedral ‘4 Popes’ Sculptor, Carolyn D. Palmer Unveils Frank Sinatra Monument on his 100th Birthday in Hoboken!




Sculpture of Frank Sinatra by artist Carolyn D. Palmer unveiled in Hoboken, NJ. where he is a hometown legend. Image credit:

Sculptor artist, Carolyn D. Palmer unveiled her monument to Frank Sinatra on the 100th anniversary of his birth on December 12, 2021 in his hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey. The artwork is located in Frank Sinatra Park, 401 Sinatra Drive near the amphitheater, overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

Image credit: Carolyn D. Palmer ~ Frank Sinatra

We came upon another one of Palmer’s projects a few years ago when we viewed her busts of Four Popes in the entrance foyer of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue in NYC.

Pope Francis at St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Pope St John Paul II at St Patrick’s Cathedral


Pope Saint Paul VI at St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Pope Benedict at St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Carolyn D. Palmer has a long list of wonderful sculptures from Orville and Wilbur Wright to Bill and Hillary Clinton ~ and she saved the day with her (non-scary) Lucy.

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Also on view along the New Jersey waterfront, Jaume Plensa: Water’s Soul, a permanent installation in Newport Pier Park.