‘STAND STILL: A Still Life Show’ opening at Allouche Gallery



Rafa Macarron, Naturaleza Muerta. Image via Allouche Gallery

Allouche Gallery has opened its doors to an exhibit featuring the works of 29 contemporary national and international artists centered around one theme ~ Stand Still.  In this exhibit, entitled STAND STILL: A Still Life Show, each artist approaches this theme in their own unique way. “staying true to their respective signature styles,” some with classical definition, and others far from traditional still-life genre, and as wide and diverse a variety of mediums.

“In one of his works, Brian Willmont focuses on the symbolism of the butterfly, which is a common genre motif representing change through resurrection. Rafa Macarron’s painting depicts dinosaurs: he plays on the literal translation of the Spanish term for still life, which is naturaleza muerta, or dead nature. Thrush Holmes’s use of neon lights, Nick Georgiou’s literary sculptures, and Evan Gruzis’s illusory, photograph-like ink paintings are some of many examples that show how this group of creators have taken the still life genre and interpreted it to make it their own.”
Jonathan Chapline, Virtual Characters, Domestic Landscape. Image via Allouche Gallery

Featured artists are Ivan Alifan, Bast, Donald Baechler, Morgan Blair, Melissa Brown, Mia Brownell, Jonathan Chapline, Rosson Crow, Nicasio Fernandez, Nick Georgiou, Laura Grant, Joe Grillo, Evan Gruzis, Thrush Holmes, Paul Insect, Katarina Janeckova, Royal Jarmon, Misaki Kawai, Emma Kohlmann, Caroline Larsen, Inna Levinson, Arkady Lvov, Rafa Macarron, Taylor McKimens, Emilie Stark-Menneg, Kenny Scharf, B. Thom Stevenson, Sebastian Wahl, Brian Willmont

STAND STILL: A Still Life Show will open on October 26th and run through November 26, 2017 at Allouche Gallery, 82 Gansevoort Street, directly opposite The Whitney Museum of American Art, where you can enjoy the work of Toyin Ojih Odutola: To Wander Determined.