Staten Island Arts presents Art + Music with ‘ ArtSpace | “Know Me”‘ and ‘People Say: The Staten Island Sound’



Staten Rides (crop) by Daniel Jared Smith

For those that can’t make it to Staten Island, Staten Island Arts is bringing an online art exhibition, and music to you. Kicking-off the month with the art exhibition, Know Me, and a new streaming series, People Say: The Staten Island Sound, broadcast live from ArtSpace. Let’s take a look.

Know Me is the exploration of identity through the eyes of eight Staten Island artists. The exhibit challenges the viewer to consider the inner world of another, and the minute-by-minute decisions that, together as an evolving whole, create the story of one’s life. Know Me? Know Me. Featuring work by Kofi Antwi, Flint Gennari, Elvia Iannaccone Gezlev, Jessica L Gianna, Daniel Jared Smith, Windy Nicely, Laura Pannone, and Tabitha Lee Turchio.

ArtSpace | “Know Me will be on view, online, through April 2021.

Image courtesy Staten Island Arts

Streaming live from ArtSpace on Wednesday, March 10th from 7:00 ~ 9:00pm, People Say: The Staten Island Sound. This live broadcast brings together a diverse case of talented musicians from across the Staten Island borough at the invitation of local composer/drummer, Darrell Smith.

The inaugural event features Eddie Jackson Group, Mike Morreale Group, Karlus Trapp Group, Goon Dads, and poet Phoebe Blue. First set’s at 7pm; second at 8pm. Plug in your best speakers, tune in, and catch a vibe.

We can’t leave Staten Island without sharing an ‘open call to Staten Island cooks’ for this very cool project, Every Plate Tells a Story series, collecting stories, recipes, photos, and histories related to Staten Island Food Lore.

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