Stepping into NYC’s Oldest Family-Owned Luncheonette ~ The Lexington Candy Shop




The Lexington Candy Shop, founded in 1925 on the corner of 83rd Street and Lexington Avenue

This has been a difficult year for small businesses. With the Metropolitan Museum of Art now open, we thought it a great time to visit the oldest family owned luncheonette in New York City, right around the corner from the Museum.

Walking into the Lexington Candy Shop is almost like walking into a Museum of a different kind. Now owned and operated by John Philip, the grandson of the original owner, it has been lovingly preserved.

One of the display windows at the Lexington Candy Shop

The display windows are filled with vintage bottles and cans, and also include Coca Cola toy trains and trucks. The collection is constantly growing. Framed pictures of customers over the years have included Sir Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Matt Dillon, Tome Brokaw, Al Roker & many many more.

Original Hamilton Beach milk shake mixer from 1940 ~ they just keep replacing parts.

Behind the counter, customers will find the original coffee urns dating back to 1948 (below) and the original Hamilton Beach milk shake mixer from 1940 (above), where real malt powder is still used for malteds. Lemonade and orange juice are freshly squeezed and the syrup for your Coca-Cola still comes from a pump.

Now owned and operated by John Philip, the grandson of the original owner, standing next to the original coffee urns from 1948

Chocolates were made in the basement until 1948, when the home-made candy was discontinued, and the shop turned into a full-time luncheonette, serving milkshakes and burgers, with breads made just a few blocks away at a bakery founded in 1916.

When the shop first opened in 1925, they made their own chocolate in the basement.

John has seen a lot of changes in the neighborhood since he first started working for his father and his grandfather in the shop. Of all the local businesses on Lexington Avenue when he started, the only one remaining is the Lyric HiFi, across the street.

Artwork created by customers and framed pictures of customers over the years

The luncheonette is a favorite among locals on the Upper East Side, and also a favorite in movies, commercials and TV shows, including Fading Gigolo, Three Days of the Condor, and The Nanny Diaries. It’s also a great place to rent for a very cool party.

John Philip, the grandson of the original owner will most likely greet you when you arrive

The Lexington Candy Shop was creative during the pandemic, with panels between booths, and wonderful outdoor seating. When you’ve been around for 95 years, you have a lot of fans happy to still be able to do takeout and take advantage of outdoor dining on a nice summer day.

Lexington Candy Shop now has take-out & outdoor dining on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 83rd Street.

The Lexington Candy Shop is located at 1226 Lexington Avenue, corner of 83rd Street, where you’ll find the best egg creams in town. Follow on Instagram.

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